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Acrylic Flower Painting Made Easy

How to Paint Flowers in Acrylics

Want to create some flower art? We've got you covered with some easy steps to help you paint flowers in Acrylics.   So Grab your Acrylic paints and start playing around with canvas of different shapes and sizes to create some flower art. These pieces will make great eye-catching wall art.

Painting of a blue cockatoo

Get Painting!  

You will need 

Gather your Materials for your  Acrylic Flower artwork, you will need to prepare your workspace by putting some scrap paper down to protect your workspace. 


step one 

Draw a line horizontally and vertically to find the centre of the canvas. Starting from the middle, draw three different sized circles that radiate outwards. The circles should resemble a starburst effect, they don’t have to be perfect.

step two

Using a brush, from the Derivan brush set paint the entire background of the canvas in Derivan Acrylics Lemon Yellow and allow it to dry.


step three 

Mix up three different shades of pink on a palette or plate with Derivan Acrylics Magenta and Titanium White. For the lighter shade of pink, use more Titanium White. For the darker shade, use less titanium white.  You will need these 


Using the large flat brush from your Derivan brush set, start to paint lines radiating out from the outside circle. Make sure that all of the lines are not perfect and that they never touch. Keep painting more and more lines until you have gone all around the circle 


step five 

Now we will use the medium-toned pink to start painting lines radiating the second circle.  Be sure to still leave some pink peeking through from step four. Use the same large flat brush from your brush set and apply the paint thickly.  

STEP six 

Starting with dark pink, use a light hand to paint the petals on the inside of the circle. Then start to blend the pinks in the outer rings. On the outside ring, apply titanium white to break up the pink. Try not to mix your paint too much while painting this white. Make sure you see a few strands of colour through your brush strokes


step seven 

Now it's time to paint the middle of the flower. You'll want to use the smallest flat brush from the brush set.   Load this brush with Derivan Carbon Black.  Tap the brush gently, making different sized marks in the remaining yellow area.

STEP eight 

Now is the time to add the final touches ! With the same flat brush we used in step 7, paint in the leaves around the outsides of the flower. If you're not sure where to place them, use your picture as a guide. The paint from the petals should still be wet, so you'll get some interesting lines and texture as you go.


step nine

The last step is using a pallet knife technique; it's a great way to make a painting look more abstract and create texture.   So while the paint is still wet, draw into the flower with the largest pallet knife from the Derivan Palette knife set, picking up a little bit of colour and wiping it on a paper towel; keep doing this to reveal the lemon yellow under the paint in the centre of the flower