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New Products
Yin Min (Oregon Blue) 



Exclusive to the Matisse range of professional artists acrylics. The worlds newest shade of blue, the first new blue pigment in over two centuries.

This brilliantly luminous, durable pigment currently known as YinMin Blue, has now been licensed for commercial use. With its extremely permanent characteristics with Its unique crystal structure keeps the colour from fading, even when exposed to oil or water.

A new pigment has been made available in the raw materials market, currently referred to as Yin Min Blue. As part of Derivan’s philosophy, primarily as traditional “colourmen” in the traditional practice of artists paint manufacturing, we are currently developing this pigment into a new hue of blue artist acrylic, which will become part of and complement the current range of Matisse Artists Acrylics.  For more information go here



Water Based Screen Printing System | Non toxic | Easy Application

Derivan Screen Printing Stencil System Screen-printing with the new water-based Derivan Screen Printing Stencil System is a non-toxic process. Makes creating your hand-drawn prints a breeze. This straightforward process is ideal for all ages, perfect for the art studio, classroom or dining table. to learn more go to this page  We also have step by step guide to creating a design for printing on t-shirts here


(Rheology Modifier)

Use MM38 acrylic thickener as an alternative to adding gels and other impasto or building mediums to paint which work by imparting their own thicker bulk to a paint mix. 

This medium chemically thickens the paint. It is a rheology modifier, that is, it changes the flow and viscosity of the paint, without losing any colour. You may notice a reduced sheen in some colours once dried film which can be adjusted with varnish once dry. 

Application / Use

  • Add a few drops to acrylic paint and work it into the paint with a pallet knife.

  • Continue to work the paint with the pallet knife until you see the paint thicken.

  • If you don't see results straight away keep working the paint it will thicken, patience is the key here.

  • Use within 24 hours of mixing in - 

*Use 2-3 % to your paint - any more than 5-7% (depending on the original viscosity) will not continue to thicken the paint but possibly start to thin it down again. 


Each Matisse paint colour will require a different amount to be added to reach the same consistency. Different colours may require differing amounts of the medium. Compatible with all Matisse acrylic colours. 

Drying Time

The thickness of the application of this product will determine the length of drying time. For a thin coat, a standard estimation is 48hrs, but prevailing atmospheric conditions upon application will influence drying time (humidity, heat, cold, etc.). 

*WARNING do not force dry or use in temperatures above 30℃ as premature skinning may occur trapping water in the coating resulting in an opaque or

MM38  acrylic thickener 250mL bottle