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In this step by step project, we will show you how to paint a gorgeous landscape in acrylics.
You'll learn how to create an amazing composition, use colour, and blend with ease.

We will show you how to paint the sky, mountains, and terrain using only a few colours we will  walk you through the process step by step, and show you how to create an acrylic painting of your own – To help you with this project we have a  PDF template that you can use 


You will need 

Gather your Materials for your Seascape Landscape Acrylic artwork, you will need to prepare your workspace by putting some scrap paper down to protect your workspace. 

  • Derivan Acrylic: White, Phthalo Blue, Scarlet Red Light, Lemon yellow, Australian Sap Green and Ultramarine Blue.

  • Flat brush set 

  • 1  X 9 x 12 inch canvas 

  • pallet or plastic plate 

  • jar of water

  • Artwork Template Download Here to Print  

  • A pair of sharp scissors 


step one 

Print your A3 seascape stencil making sure it is the same size as your canvas. You don’t have to copy this stencil or draw it in any way; do not copy this image to your canvas, we are using it as a cut-away stencil. 

Start by cutting out the sky (Section 1), this will be the top line across the page. Mix a large amount of White and a small amount of Phthalo Blue until you are happy with the colour, remember this will be your sky. Carefully hold the stencil to the base of the canvas and start painting in the sky. 

step two

Next, get your stencil and cut away the distant hill (Section 2). For this section use a combination of Australian Sap Green and White. Experiment with your mixing until you have a colour you are happy with, remember to make sure that this colour is not too dark as this is a distant hill and should be a light colour. 


step three 

Your next step is to cut away the distant water (Section 3) portion from your stencil. This part of the water is created using Ultramarine Blue and White. Keep this part of the water quite dark. Now hold the stencil to the bottom of the canvas again and paint from the stencil edge to the paint edge above. 


Cutaway the front hill shape (Section 4) and fill in with Australian Sap Green.


step five 

 Keep cutting you now want to paint  the large water shape (Section 5) and fill in with a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and White.

STEP six 

The final two sections are slightly easier as they are pure colour straight from the tube. Cut away the sand (Section 6) that is next to the waters edge. Fill in this shape with a mixture of Titanium white, a small amount of Scarlet red light and small amount of Lemon yellow.  


step seven 

Fill in the remaining shape (Section 7) with Lemon straight from the tube. 

STEP eight 

With a little extra titanium white from the tube blend in the yellow and pinks together on the canvas. 

Finally, add little amounts of straight white on your brush, dab the waves in around the shore line. 


step nine

See what you've made!! something perfect for your home or a gift.