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    Create your personalised colour wheel while exploring bias colour mixing with this great palette and colour wheel combination. The custom made bias colour, and scale palette complements the enclosed bias colour wheel to make colour mixing easy. In addition to the bias colour wheel, enclosed with the palette are two guides to create a real-life colour scheme selector using actual colours from the artist’s palette. The palette also includes an excellent scale mixing area for different colour creations. With the extra depth within the palette, artists will be able to mix more significant quantities of their favourite colours. In theory, you should be able to make all the colours you need from three basic primary colours. In reality, each of these primary colours has a bias or preference for creating a particular secondary colour. Understanding this bias will help you mix the types of colours you need when creating. The Derivan Colour Wheel is the first wheel of its kind to offer observations on mixing colours like a professional. This video will show you how to use the wheel to mix like a pro, including how to mix complementary colours, analogous colours, and perfect complementary colours.

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