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Derivan Concertina STYLE Sketchbook

All media watercolour paper.

Artists and Designers Books are a work of art in itself.

These Concertina style sketchbooks allow you to create a dynamic storybook piece with your illustrations, text and collage. Span and connect your ideas in one continuous format rather than separate sections or record a landscape, cityscape or seascape in one panoramic view.

A unique version of the traditional Illustrated Japanese Scroll (Emakimono) used in the 16th century, this concertina style sketchbook is finished in black fabric wrapped heavy covers and an elastic fastener to keep it safe for transport and storage.

Perfect for depicting long panoramic views, story board-like sequences, a project or fashion design portfolio, architectural layouts, or as a photo and presentation album.

These sketchbooks are suitable for all drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels, markers) and water-based media (ink, watercolour, gouache) and feature one long sheet of paper folded into 18 workable pages.

The length of the paper in these Concertina style books was carefully considered to allow artists to create their art projects or studies.

The thick paper (watercolour medium surface texture, 350gsm) in these sketchbooks is suitable for wet media as it is more resistant to distortion and buckling when compared to thinner stock, and is also less likely to allow the artwork to bleed through to the other side of the paper.

Although suitable for many types of art, it is best to avoid the use of oil paint as this may stain the paper and cause it to deteriorate.

Each sketchbook features an elastic strap to keep the concertina pages compacted and secured when not in use and has the Derivan logo discreetly embossed on the front cover.