This page shows an example of how to add text so that it gets translated into the right language when the user selects between the languages in the top right corner of the site.

The way it works, you add the text for the first language after four dot points, and then separate the languages with two dot points.

The order of the languages is important.

So English is the first language, French is the second language, Japanese is the third language.

If you visit this page when you are logged into Squarespace, you will see text below separated by four dot point and two dot points.

If you visit this page in an incognito tab, or when you are not logged into Squarespace, you will only see the English text below. Click on FR to see this text in French and click on JA to see the text in Japanese:


This is a text example.


Ceci est un exemple de texte.




And any text outside of these four dot points is ignored, meaning it will always be in English.

Shopify example, the shopify buy button will be shown below if you select FR as your language up in the top right corner, but will not show if you’ve selected english: