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Pouring Tips & Tricks



 • Derivan Pouring medium. Coverage for example a 250ml Bottle will cover 40 x 40cm board. 

• Acrylic paint or acrylic inks to tint pouring medium. 

• A solid surface to paint on like a Artist canvas board or wooden board. 

• Several plastic cups  (10-20 cups). 

• Plastic gloves. 

• Disposable craft sticks. 

• Squeeze bottles (Derivan 136ml Refillables bottles are ideal). 

• Spirit level OR Iphone/Android levelling app. 


TIP 1. Pre-mix your paint and pouring medium in your mixing cups using 1/10 ratio of one colour to medium as a general guide. *100mls Pouring Medium to 10mls Paint. The more paint that is added, the more opaque the finished result will be. 


TIP 2 . Mix slowly to avoid air bubbles. 

If making custom colours, pre-mix your paints first, then mix with the pouring medium. 

TIP 3. Once all your colours have been mixed, decant the colours into separate squeeze bottles leave upside down. Leave to sit over night so the air bubbles dissipate. Put a large drop cloth down in the area that you are going to be painting in. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.51.02 am-2.jpg

TIP 4. Keep it level. 

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your pour is make sure your surface is completely level other wise your paint will end up dripping off your chosen surface. Use a *Spirit Level and adjust the surface elevation or your iphone has a hidden spirit level in your apple compass app or try Bubble level 1.4 for Android. 


 TIP 5. Place chosen surface onto some upside down cups. This allows the medium & paint to gradually flow to the edges and once dry precents the artwork from sticking to the worktable. 

Use reusable putty (eg Blutack) to adhear to back of the chosen surface and bace of the plastic cups. This assits with making the surface level. 

* Try pouring the medium without any colour added, to encourage transparent areas of colour on your work!