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Gesso Primer | Coloured Chalkboard Paint | Acrylic Primers


Looking for a White Gesso Primer? or a coloured Chalkboard Paint? Whatever the surface, no matter how unusual, Derivan has a primer for you. Shiny surface, Painting on glass or plastic? not a problem? Maybe you need to prepare your canvas with opaque white absorbent paint. Look at our Gesso primer! Perhaps you have a  wall that needs to be turned into a chalkboard - check out Derivans unique Chalkboard Paint available in six eye-catching colours.

 GESSO Primer 

Gesso is an excellent primer for canvas, board or even paper. The solid white ground gives an excellent tooth for easy paint manipulation.  It dries to an attractive, brilliant white, which provides excellent support for other colours. Derivan Gesso can also be tinted with acrylic colours to create coloured grounds.

Derivan Gesso can be thinned down with water if desired. If working on canvas, Derivan Gesso will tighten the canvas when dry giving a taut ground to paint. Derivan Gesso can be used to paint over old acrylic works to give the artist a new surface. If more than one coat is desired, then it is advisable to sand lightly between coats to obtain a smooth finish.

Key Features

  • Opaque, Matt

  • Titanium white acrylic gesso

  • Improves adhesion & durability of canvas

  • Archival

  • Quick drying 

Perfect For

  • Traditional or coloured ground

  • Artists, crafters, students

  • acrylic, oil, acrylic inks

  • Wood, canvas, mixed media paper and card

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 2 Litre and 4 Litre sizes.



Derivan Gesso Primer 250ml

                         WATERCOLOUR GROUND

                         With Derivan watercolour ground, you can create paper-like, highly absorbent ground for your work. The perfect addition to your arsenal of artistic supplies. 

                        Derivans NEW watercolour ground is a great way to add a perfect watercolour surface for creating fluid watercolour and mixed media paintings.   You don't have to be limited to traditional surfaces anymore - let go of any boundaries or limitations! Derivan watercolour grounds transforms most substrates into an absorbent watercolour surface which features different textures and depths depending on how it's applied.   This watercolour gesso makes all sorts of techniques possible on non-traditional surfaces such as wood panels, canvas boards or mixed media if desired. The possibilities are endless!

                        Key Features 

                        • Absorbent watercolour ground

                        • Works on multiple surfaces 

                        • Archival and acid-free

                        • Holds up to vigorous scrubbing

                        Perfect For

                        • Watercolour Artist

                        • Mixed media applications

                        • Canvas & Masonite 

                        • All types of paper

                        • Glass & Plexiglass

                        • Metal

                        • Pastic

                        Available in 250ml and 1ltr

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                        Derivan Watercolour Ground Absorbent Ground

                         Chalkboard paint


                        When we think of blackboards, most of us picture them as being either black or green. We at Derivan wanted to take it one step further, though, so if you’re bored with the traditional use of chalkboards, then you will be excited about our new chalk paint products! With eight brilliant colours available, there is a colour perfect for everyone


                        Key Features 

                        • Ultra-matte finish available in 6 mixable colours

                        • Built-in primer

                        • Adheres to slick surfaces and is easy to distress

                        • Water-based and easy to clean up

                        Perfect for

                        • Refurbishing vintage furniture 

                        • Home decor DIYers

                        • Distressing new furniture

                        • Mixed media artist

                        chalkboard paint colours

                         CLEAR SEALER

                        Derivan Clear Sealer helps prepare your surface by forming a transparent sealant layer to substrates. Applied on raw wood prevents tannins from absorbing into the paint and causes discolouration. Derivan Clear Sealer is perfect for various substrates because of its flexible properties as it dries completely transparent, so perfect medium for craft projects like painting on glass or candles. 

                        Key Features

                        • High-quality base for acrylic painting

                        • Excellent for paint adhesion

                        • Fast drying properties

                        • Archival

                        Perfect for

                        • Priming canvas, wood, metal, glass, candles

                        • Excellent ground

                        • Professional artist

                        • Providing a sealed, stabilized surface

                        • Ideal protection from wood tannins and discolouration


                        Available in 250ml size.

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                        MM12 Clear Sealer can also be used to seal canvas while allowing the texture of the canvas to remain visible. Although acrylic paint can be applied to raw canvas, sealing the canvas is advisable, so the paint has a consistent surface to cling to and prevent the paint from bleeding. Natural canvas can also discolour easily, and sealing helps to keep the fabric clean and free from mould and bacteria.

                        Ensure the surface is clean and dust-free. Apply the sealer direct from the bottle using a flat synthetic hair Brush. To increase coverage, apply a succession of thin layers, allowing each coat to dry completely. Applying a single thick application will take much longer to dry and may result in a may result in patchy, milky-white areas.

                        All surfaces should be clean and dust-free before Clear Sealer application. For porous surfaces such as wood, terracotta pots, unfird ceramics, etc. apply diluted with up to 1 part water to 2 parts Clear Sealer. 

                        Wash your brushes in soap and warm water to clean up.

                        Derivan Clear Sealer dries to a clear, gloss finish when used as directed. Subsequent layers increase glossiness.

                        1-4 hours depending upon weather conditions.

                        Use for sealing very porous surfaces such as terracotta or as a tannin blocker for “green” wood. 

                        Clear Sealer can be used if you want to paint a design on the raw wood, leaving the natural grain revealed. It can also be used on glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metal. Clear Sealer is water-resistant, quick drying and flexible.