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Derivan Folding Palette


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What's the best palette for watercolour?

What is the best palette for Watercolour and Guache?  As these mediums are re-wettable which means that if they dry out on the palette they are still usable at a later stage. Watercolour palettes are designed with “wells” on the palette to store the paint in. In doing so the paint can remain on the palette and simply be topped up from a paint tube as it runs low.  

The basic differences across the full range of watercolour palettes is the number of wells on the palette and single or compartmentalised mixing areas. The other significant difference is whether the palette has a cover to it. 

the Derivan Leakproof Watercolour Palette Travel Paint Tray has multiple mixing areas, for watercolour, Gouache.

This palette keeps your paint fresh as this paint tray palette has a silicone airtight seal on the lid, which is great for keeping the paint pans moist, and easy to clean. 
Keep your colours tidy and organized, great for plein air travelling trips.

Watercolour Brush Set - Brush Care 

* Mix a small amount of soap and water into a lather and massage into the bristles. Rinse with water. Reform the tip with your fingers and dry flat to prevent excess moisture from gathering at the base of the bristles.

* Dry brushes can be stored either upright or flat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

* Do not leave brushes standing tip down in a water container for extended periods. The bristles may become permanently distorted and loose.

* Place brushes in a brush holder while you are working or lay them down flat to avoid undue pressure on the bristles.

* Some staining of the bristles of synthetic brushes is likely to occur and will not impact the future use of the brush, assuming it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Specifications for Derivan Folding Palette

CHOOSE YOUR SIZE 18 PAINT WELLS 26.7 X 12.8 CM or 16 PAINT WELLS 21 X 10.5 CM or 33 PAINT WELLS 32 X 15 CM