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Watercolour Brush Set - Derivan

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    Why buy a watercolour brush set?

    This brush set is perfect for watercolour beginners. 
    This four-piece watercolour brush set has four round natural sable brushes with a natural springiness, durability and softness ideal for delicate watercolour techniques. 
    The brush sizes in this brush pack go from a broad, round brush down to a fine brush.  This set is excellent for the beginner watercolour artist. With this set, you can practice and bet many different lines and techniques.    This type of sable brush works best with fluid paint, so this set of brushes are fantastic when we're doing watercolour; they're sable, they're soft, and they're great to use, so have a bit of a play. 

    How To Care for your Watercolour Brushes?

    -       Mix a small amount of soap and water into a lather and massage into the bristles. Rinse with water. Reform the tip with your fingers and dry flat to prevent excess moisture from gathering at the base of the bristles.

    -       Dry brushes can be stored either upright or flat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

    -       Do not leave brushes standing tip down in a water container for extended periods. The bristles may become permanently distorted and loose.

    -       Place brushes in a brush holder while you are working or lay them down flat to avoid undue pressure on the bristles.

    -       Some staining of the bristles of synthetic brushes is likely to occur and will not impact the future use of the brush, assuming it has been thoroughly cleaned.