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Watercolour Palette ( Tin Box ) with 10 pans

Buy watercolour paint palette this palette is made from tin with white enamelling on the inside. The Derivan Watercolour Palette has a hinged fold out flap for mixing and has a holding thumb ring in the base. Each palette comes with 10 watercolour pans eight half pans and two full pans. Sized 125mm X 70 mm.

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    Watercolour paint palette | Watercolour palette | With refillable watercolour pans 

    Want to take your watercolour paint palette on the road so you can easily access your colours?  The Derivan watercolour palette is a easy to use, watercolour tin, it  fits in your pocket and comes with ten pans

    How do I fill my  Watercolour Paint pans with watercolour paint?    

    Watercolour pans come in two sizes, one being a full-size and one being half size. These pans clip neatly into The Derivan metal travelling palette.  The Derivan tin palette comes with a removable clip that holds the pans.   

    This clip comes out so that when you're painting when there you have a lovely large palette to work with

    When filling watercolour pans so it's important to only fill the pan halfway at first. This is to help with adhesion and stops the paint from cracking on drying.   

    *Hot tip use a toothpick to work the watercolour paint right into the corners again to help with adhesion and to prevent the cake from falling out upon drying.  

    Once half-filled, leave to dry for 24 to 48 hours; it will depend on the weather.  Once the pans have dried, you can now the top pans to fill ready to take with you out on the road. 

                      Key Features

                      • Comes with 8 Half pans 

                      • and 2 full pans

                      • Fold out painting mixing areas

                                      Holding thumb ring in the base

                      Good For

                      • Plaine air painting

                      • Watercolour or gouache 

                      • Travelling art kits

                      • storing premixed colours