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Clear Sealer


Use Clear Sealer to prime you surface in preparation for great art work.  
This Medium is primarily used to provide a clear sealant layer to substrates. Applied to raw-wood, it forms a transparent seal. Without the use of a sealer, raw wood will absorb the paint resulting in a patchy, uneven surface. Sealing also prevents the natural wood tannins from seeping into the paint and causing discolouration.

Available in 250ml size.



clear sealer in 250mL jar

MM12 Clear Sealer can also be used to seal canvas while allowing the texture of the canvas to remain visible. Although acrylic paint can be applied to raw canvas, sealing the canvas is advisable, so the paint has a consistent surface to cling to and prevent the paint from bleeding. Natural canvas can also discolour easily, and sealing helps to keep the fabric clean and free from mould and bacteria.

Ensure the surface is clean and dust-free. Apply the sealer direct from the bottle using a flat synthetic hair Brush. To increase coverage, apply a succession of thin layers, allowing each coat to dry completely. Applying a single thick application will take much longer to dry and may result in a may result in patchy, milky-white areas.

All surfaces should be clean and dust-free before Clear Sealer application. For porous surfaces such as wood, terracotta pots, unfired ceramics, etc. apply diluted with up to 1 part water to 2 parts Clear Sealer. 

How do you clean up clear sealer?

Wash your brushes in soap and warm water to clean up.

What does clear sealer look like when its dry?

Derivan Clear Sealer dries to a clear, gloss finish when used as directed. Subsequent layers increase glossiness.

how long does Derivan clear sealer take to dry?

1-4 hours depending upon weather conditions.

Use for sealing very porous surfaces such as terracotta or as a tannin blocker for “green” wood. 

Clear Sealer can be used if you want to paint a design on the raw wood, leaving the natural grain revealed. It can also be used on glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metal. Clear Sealer is water-resistant, quick drying and flexible.

Clear Sealer
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