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ERGO pro markers 

Derivan recognises the unique creative sensibility of markers, and we wanted to make available a quality marker at an affordable price that would enhance the artist or illustrator’s experience.

Ergo Pro Markers Assortment of colours stacked

Although digital illustration using computers, tablets and scanners continue to play an increasing role in creating illustrations, they are unable to mimic the spontaneity and fluid lines that can only be created with the use of a specialised ink marker.

A significant number of Textile and Fashion, Product Concept, Industrial and Graphic Designers still rely and trust markers to create their preliminary concepts, as no technology can create the sense of freedom, immediacy and close affinity with a creative idea a marker provides. You can sketch, change colours, cross out, start again, cross hatch and shade within seconds.

Introducing the ergo pro by derivan 

With the above considerations in mind, Derivan created Ergo Pro Brush Illustration Markers.

As the name suggests these markers are perfectly balanced for ease of use. The tips are firm and allow the ink to flow at an even rate, which is important when covering large areas with colour or creating shading effects.

Dual Tipped 

Each marker has a chisel and a flexible brush-like tip. The chisel tip is firm and perfect for covering large areas with colour, while the brush-like tip is best for outlines and intricate and precise details where a softer stroke is required.

The inks used in Ergo Pro Markers are also smooth and even, so the colour you get at the first use continues throughout the life of the pen. They are also fade resistant, waterproof and acid free when dry.


Ergo Pro Brush Illustration Markers are available in a range of 96 colours including a Colourless Blender, 9 shades of Warm Greys, 6 shades of Basic Greys and 9 shades of Cool Greys.
Whether you are experimenting, sketching or working on that final artistic and technical illustrations, our markers are the tools that help your create that great idea

Ergo Pro artwork
Derivan ErgoPro Marker Camel (037)
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Derivan Ergo Pro
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Derivan Ergopro Marker 12 Assorted Travel Wallet Set
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