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Painter Brush Set | Art brushes

Looking for Painter Brush sets? Have a look at our collection of affordable art brushes Brush Sets whether you are starting as a beginner or looking for the right tool to create that perfect mark.

How to choose the right painter brush set?

Painters brushes come in all shapes and sizes and knowing which brush to use with which paint is an important step in creating great paintings.

Differences between Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes:

  • Natural hair bristles tend to hold more paint than synthetics, and release paint more consistently. This is particularly relevant to watercolour painters.

  • Natural hairs require more maintenance than synthetic brushes.

  • When starting out, synthetic brushes are recommended due to their lower maintenance and cost. Replace with natural hair brushes as these wear out.

  • Natural bristles tend to maintain their shape if maintained correctly. Stray hairs can develop in synthetic bristles, but these can easily be removed with scissors.

  • Continual cleaning of synthetic brushes with mineral turpentine can cause the bristles to degrade over time. 

Brush Types: 

Fan Brushes: 

Best for blending solid blocks of paint. Use a crisscross technique for the best results.

Fine Round Brush:

Best for creating fine lines on detailed artworks. Varying the pressure and technique can create a variety of stroke types.

Flat Brushes: 

Best For broad strokes of colour, filling in large areas, large washes and creating thick stripes.

Bright Brush:

Best for short, small, broad strokes in finely detailed artwork. The lack of flexibility in the short tip is ideal for controlled application.

Flat Angled Brush:

Best for: Small, corner details. Also good for consistent curves such a circle outlines. 

Filbert Brush:

Best for creating gently curved blended areas of paint. Can also be used to fill in large areas or create tapered lines.

Rigger Brush:

Best for creating long consistent fine lines without running out of colour as quickly as a fine round brush. The name is derived from their early use for painting the rigging detail of sailing ships, me hearties.

Which Brush for What Purpose?

Oil Painting: Hog Hair, Synthetic, Sable

Acrylic Painting: Hog Hair, Synthetic

Watercolour: Synthetic, Sable

Children: Hog Hair, Synthetic

Long Handle or Short Handle?

Long handle brushes are more suitable for use working at an easel, where the artist will be standing away from the painting. Short hair brushes are more suitable for artworks requiring close-up attention, as they are easier to maneuver than brushes with a long handle. 

Golden Synthetic Flat Brush - 70mm
24.50 24.50 24.5 AUD Add to Cart

26.95 26.95 inc GST

Bristle Brush Wallet Set - Set of 18 Brushes
23.66 23.66 23.66 AUD Add to Cart

26.03 26.03 inc GST

Derivan Golden Synthetic Brass Ferrule 5 Brush Set
19.76 19.76 19.76 AUD Add to Cart

21.74 21.74 inc GST

Derivan Golden Synthetic Brass Ferrule 6 Brush Set B
17.40 17.40 17.400000000000002 AUD Add to Cart

19.14 19.14 inc GST

Watercolour Brush Set - Derivan
17.40 17.40 17.400000000000002 AUD Add to Cart

19.14 19.14 inc GST

Palette Knife Set 5 Pce
16.86 16.86 16.86 AUD Add to Cart

18.55 18.55 inc GST

Derivan Fine Hog Bristle Brass Ferrule 5 Brush Set A
16.12 16.12 16.12 AUD Add to Cart

17.73 17.73 inc GST

Derivan Golden Synthetic Brass Ferrule 6 Brush Set A
15.44 15.44 15.44 AUD Add to Cart

16.98 16.98 inc GST

15.07 15.07 15.07 AUD Add to Cart

16.58 16.58 inc GST

Golden Synthetic Flat Brush - 50mm
14.76 14.76 14.76 AUD Add to Cart

16.24 16.24 inc GST

Derivan Golden Synthetic Black Ferrule 6 Brush Set A
13.86 13.86 13.86 AUD Add to Cart

15.25 15.25 inc GST

Derivan Fine Hog Bristle Brass Ferrule 5 Brush Set B
13.48 13.48 13.48 AUD Add to Cart

14.83 14.83 inc GST

Face & Body Paint Brush Set No.1
11.64 11.64 11.64 AUD Add to Cart

12.80 12.80 inc GST

Derivan Golden Synthetic Black Ferrule 6 Brush Set B
10.98 10.98 10.98 AUD Add to Cart

12.08 12.08 inc GST

Acrylic Brush Sets - Short Handle
10.72 10.72 10.72 AUD Add to Cart

11.79 11.79 inc GST

Derivan Fine Hog Bristle Brass Ferrule 4 Brush Set
10.04 10.04 10.040000000000001 AUD Add to Cart

11.04 11.04 inc GST

Hog Hair Bristle Brush Sets
9.80 9.80 9.8 AUD Add to Cart

10.78 10.78 inc GST

Golden Synthetic Flat Brush - 25mm
8.54 8.54 8.540000000000001 AUD Add to Cart

9.39 9.39 inc GST

Golden Synthetic Flat Brush
8.34 8.34 8.34 AUD Add to Cart

9.17 9.17 inc GST

Derivan Travel Brush | Watercolour Brush
7.72 7.72 7.72 AUD Add to Cart

8.49 8.49 inc GST

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