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“Clean pour” Technique


Whats a “Clean Pour”? 

Unlike a “Dirty Pour” a clean pour is generally more controlled, resulting in still free flowing paint effects with definded shapes. 


 • Derivan Pouring medium. Coverage for example a 250ml Bottle will cover 40 x 40cm board. 

• Acrylic paint or acrylic inks to tint pouring medium. 

• A solid surface to paint on like a Artist canvas board or wooden board. 

• Several plastic cups  (10-20 cups). 

• Plastic gloves. 

• Disposable craft sticks. 

• Squeeze bottles (Derivan 136ml Refillables bottles are ideal). 

• Spirit level OR Iphone/Android levelling app. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.51.02 am-2.jpg

2. Keep it level. 

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your pour is make sure your surface is completely level other wise your paint will end up dripping off your board to adjust the surface elevation. 


3. Create pools of colours. 

Start pouring one of your paint colours onto the canvas surface. 

Pool the colour in one area or create a pattern by randomly swirling the colour around the canvas. Select another colour and do the same, allowing it to pour, mix and mingle with the first poured colour. 

Continue pouring additional colours as desired. You will immediately see the colours interact. As you pour additional colours, you can manipulate the colour interactions by either tilting the surface slightly to pool colour in certain areas or by gently drawing a paint knife through the colours to swirl them together. 

4. Allow to Dry 

Allow drying. The paint colours  will continue to mix, mingle & change while drying. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry or 48 hours for thicker pours of colours. 

5. For a high gloss finish. 

For a extremely glossy finish continue to add thin layers of pouring medium evenly over the 

dry layers. Wait 24 hours between each coat.