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Make a Glitter Pop Up Birthday Card | DIY Paper craft

Fun and Easy Card Making Project

Derivan Kindy Glitz (Glitter Glue) 

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Who needs a store-bought card when you can make your own?

This DIY birthday card is so easy to make and a great way to let someone know they're special. Follow the step by step instructions to learn how to make handmade birthday pop-up card Follow the steps below to learn how to make a handmade happy birthday glitter pop up card!


  •  Scissors & Cutting Knife
  •  Pre-made card 
Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Step one

You will need to prepare some paper by painting the different colours on both sides of the paper. In this example, I have mixed up different colours with white.  You need to do both sides because it is a pop-up card. When you pop up the card up you see will the colours on the backside when you stand it up and open it.

Step two 

Draw or trace the circles onto the paper, make sure they are the same size - you will need 7 circles. Now once you’ve drawn out all of the circles, it’s time to grab your scissors and get cutting!  

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue
Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Step three 

I love this part of the project. You can use Derivan Kindy Glitz to make it really special and choose your favourite colours. Make sure you think about what colours are on the circles you cut out and try to match them with the painted colours 


Step four 

1) Cut a strip of paper the same diameter as the circles.

2) Glue one circle at the bottom of the strip and

3) Draw seven lines 1cm apart above the circle.

4) Fold each line you have drawn.

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue
Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue


First, you'll want to glue each circle onto the strip of paper. Then, use the lines that you drew for reference to space out your circles evenly. Make sure they are just below the line and not above it. Otherwise, they will be too close to the next one!

Step six  

Now you want to flip the strip with the circles adhered. Now all you need to do is glue a strip of painted card perpendicular to the strip you have created on the underside of the circles.


Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue
Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

STEP seven

Now that your pop up card is complete, you can glue it into your ready-made card. All that's left to do now is write a birthday greeting on the front of the card and decorate with glitter and paint.

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