THE MERV Moriarty Colour Wheel



Easily mix and match colour and create great colour relationship.

Create the best and the most beautiful colour and colour combinations with the new Moriarty Colour Wheel. The world of colour is now accessible to everybody who loves and works with colour.
Perfect colour mixing and matching and harmonious colour relationships are only a few steps away.

MATCH colour by:

  • hue – position around colour wheels (top has 36 hues; lower has 18 hues)

  • purity-saturation – pure to grey (top)

  • tone-value – light to dark, pure hues with tone scale between (lower)

  • pigment – by code (lower)

MIX colour:

  • move guide to place your colour along a pathway

  • mix hues at both ends to create it

  • many pathways will cover a colour

  • choose pigments or use colours you have – no waste

  • lighten with white & darken with complementary – use  to  pathway

  • mix pure colours within sections between Cyan, Magenta & Yellow using  to  pathway.

CREATE your perfect colour palette:

  • choose the hue that you want to dominate

  • choose a hue to support your colour

  • move guide to place these colours on a pathway

  • use pathway colours to create colour combinations, as these share hues along that path, balancing similarity and difference

  • use colours within  to  pathway to centre of wheel, as these will also harmonise beautifully, creating coloured light

  • use complementary colours in equal proportions to create a neutral palette


  • Hues are correctly placed as complementaries (opposite) on the colour wheel and will mix black; use  to  pathway

  • Moriarty Colour Wheel is printed without adding black (K).

Primary Colours

  • Light: Red, Blue & Green (RGB)

  • Pigment: Cyan, Magenta & Yellow (CMY). Add red, green & ultramarine blue pigments plus titanium white for better colour mixing (see pigment codes)

Recommended pigments for better colour are available in Merv Moriarty Matisse Paint Sets

CW plus paints, brushes.jpg