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glitter glue craft | Make a Glitter flower brooch 

Be a shining star and create with glitter glue 

With Derivan Kindy Glitz (Glitter Glue)

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Making a broach is a great way to celebrate the upcoming spring or summer season. This craft is perfect for any age group because it can be so simple or you can make it more difficult. It's all up to you! This article will show you how to create a glitter-glue flower broach using five simple steps. You'll need just paper, acrylic paint, glitter glue, broach back and 30 minutes of your time. Read on to learn how to create this beautiful little accessory in no time!


Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Step one

Download the template of the flowers, cut out four shapes and space them evenly on your painted paper. * use different colours for each of the flowers. Trace the flower shapes with a pencil and then cut out the shape with scissors.

Step two 

This step is so much fun because it allows you to add a little bit of your own personal touch to the project. You can use glitter glue and any colours of glitter you like in order to create an extra glamorous broach that really stands out!

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue
Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

Step three  

Now it is time to assemble your flower broach, using Derivan Gel Medium as your glue. Begin with the largest flower and work your way down to the smallest, that will make sure they are all aligned correctly. Once you have used the gel medium to glue your final flower on, you will be left with a beautiful and creative broach!

step four 

The last step is to cut out a piece of paper that will slip into the back of the broach fastener. The back of the broach should be glued to the flower and a piece of paper should be glued over the top. This will make sure it is well adhered to.

Decoration of Eggs with glitter glue

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