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Put simply it is pouring pre-mixed colours in to a cup and then pouring them onto your painting surface in a single puddle.The paints mix as they leave the cup and can create some dynamic marbling effects. 


Derivan Pouring medium. Coverage for example a 250ml Bottle will cover 40 x 40cm board. 

Acrylic paint or acrylic inks to tint pouring medium. 

A solid surface to paint on like a Artist canvas board or wooden board. 

Several plastic cups  (10-20 cups). 

Plastic gloves. 

Disposable craft sticks. 

Squeeze bottles (Derivan 136ml Refillables bottles are ideal). • Spirit level OR Iphone/Android levelling app. 


Firstly Keep it level !

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your pour is make sure your surface is completely level other wise your paint will end up dripping off your board. 

Use a *Spirit Level and adjust the surface elevation. - We use blue tact to help adjust the level. *Your iphone has a hidden spirit level in your apple compass app or try Bubble level 1.4 for Android. 

Combining Pre-mixed colours. 

With one plastic cup, start to fill with a selection of different colours from your premixed squeeze bottles. Start with a squirt of white first then add squirts of other colours into the 

one-cup, slowly over lapping the original colour. 


Ready to Flip? 

Once you have all the colours that you want in the cup, place the panel upside down over the top of the cup. While holding the cup and panel together swiftly FLIP the panel over to its right side up. Place the panel back onto the cups that where keeping off the table. 

Lift that cup! 

Lift the cup off the board and watch the paint release and move over the canvas. 


Tilt the board. 

Tilt the board to help paint move to the edges. Clean the edges with a finger scraping any excess off the edges of the panel. 

* Leave to dry for 24hours.