Matisse Technical Guide & Visual Diary


New Edition. Updated. Revised. Extended.

The Matisse Technical Guide and Visual Diary has been revised, updated and extended with more detailed information on the whole range of Matisse products.

This booklet has been designed as a technical guide combined with a visual diary section, allowing artists and users to have a great source of information at their fingertips at any time. A visual diary is a place where artists can explore different mediums, experiment with colour mixing, create sketches and much more.

It contains useful advise on Matisse products' most appropriate use, technical questions answered, diagrams and practical guidelines for the successful preparation and finishing of any art project.

A reference and working tool with blank pages for annotations and sketches, useful hands-on section and a place for the new Matisse Paint Squares (available for purchase separately).

Download PDF version of the Matisse Technical Guide here (3.2Mb)

New Matisse Paint Squares

Matisse paint squares are a unique product that can be used as a portable palette.

As these are based on an acrylic formula, all pigments that are used are lightfast and colours will remain relatively waterfast once dried.

The portability of Matisse paint squares makes them ideal for travelers and perfect for tucking into a journal to add highlights of colour to spontaneous sketches. Sketches done with waterproof felt-tip pens or sketching pencils can be further developed with the use of Matisse Paint Squares to give colour dimension and depth.

For information on how to purchase Matisse Paint Squares, email with the words “Matisse Paint Squares” in subject heading.