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Derivan Sketchbooks

Soft Touch Cover. Hardbound.

The NEW Classic Unlined Derivan range of sketchbooks have a unique hard-bound black soft rubber cover. With a certain industrial design charm, the cover remains water resistant and is easier to hold.

The Classic Unlined Sketchbook features 160 pages of 110gsm acid-free, medium tooth, sketch paper.

Since these sketchbooks are completely acid free, you can be assured that your creations will be preserved for years to come as the paper will not yellow or deteriorate with age.

The paper in these unique hardbound sketchbooks are perfect for pencil, pen and ink and even light brush washes. The medium tooth acid free paper is also suitable for graphite, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil or endless combination of these.

Classic Unlined available in A4 and A5 sizes, Portrait format only.

An ideal way to keep a travelling journal notes.