Derivan Pencils and Pastels

A good place to stART


Derivan Pencils and Pastels Sets have been specifically selected to enhance your artistic needs. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced artist, our sets supply a basic rendering range of quality products that will help turn your creative ideas into reality.

These five Pencils and Pastels art sets have been designed for artists of all ages. Each set has been assembled to give you both quality and value. Wrapped in a colourful hangsell pack, all pencils and pastels are securely presented in a tin case; a convenient way to carry your drawing utensils while on the go. Start your creative journey today !

Drawing Pencils

A complete selection of graphite pencils in 12 grades ideally suited for technical, art, design, and architecture drawing applications. Crafted from the finest graphite and purest clays for smooth rendering and clean-erasing. Hexagonal shaped wood barrels for optimal grip. Create detailed, crisp architectural and concept designs with lighter grades (2H-B) or expressive, subtle tone drawing sketches with the softer grades (2B-12B).

Sketching Pencils

A selection of drawing media that includes everything required to create quick sketches, bold line drawings or final mixed-media artworks. This set features artists’ charcoal, woodless graphite and charcoal pencils (each in three grades); a white, sepia, sanguine (light & dark) and burnt umber artists sketching pastels. Also included are a paper blending stump, a metal sharpener and a kneadable eraser.

Watercolour Pencils

Manufactured from the highest quality, completely water soluble pigments ensuring a high degree of lightfastness. Can be used either dry, for a standard coloured pencil finish, or wet with water and brush to add a classic watercolour effect. Strong, break resistant leads for clean, accurate line work. Hexagonal shape for optimal grip. Use in watercolour artworks, mixed media, wash drawing, botanical studies, cross-hatching.

Oil Pastels

This assortment of oil pastels feature lightfast colours and even pigmentation. They are easy to handle and provide smooth blending textures of bright and vivid colours. Formulated with quality pigments, waxes and oils. Oil Pastels are dust-free and soluble in turpentine. It allows you to create subtle translucent effects or achieve flowing washes of colour.These oil pastels can be used not only on paper and board but also on canvas or wood.

Soft Pastels

A complete colour spectrum of soft pastels with excellent lightfastness and adhesion to paper. Strong, brilliant colours that blend easily, offering a smooth colour laydown. Soft pastels contain less binder and more pigment than oil pastels, which gives them their soft, velvet texture allowing them to be blended or smudged with a tool, tissue or finger. These selection of square pastels are ideal for artists looking for vibrant colours and rich dry pastel effects.