Derivan / Derivan Oil Colours





  • 24 colours in the range.

  • Unique Australian hues.

  • Single-series classification means all colours cost the same price within each range.

  • ASTM I or II for all products ensures that the colours have a strong resistance to fading and discolouration over time.

Derivan Oil Colour combines strength of colour and smooth buttery consistency to provide cleaner, brighter mixtures with an infinite range of hues. Triple-milled pigments — dispersed in pure linseed oil— allows Derivan Oil Colour to be equivalent in colour stability and permanency to most artists.

professional grades of paint but is much more affordable.


Derivan Oil Colour is formulated to be used by tertiary students and artists as a full-bodied artist oil colour. The consistency and viscosity of Derivan Oil Colours preserves the brush or palette knife marks or it can be thinned down for translucent glazing effects.

Colour mixing

Derivan Oil Colour’s careful selection of pigments ensures clean colours and superior colour mixing without muddiness.

Pigments are chosen for purity and clarity. Derivan Oil Colour colours give lasting brilliance and luminosity to paintings.

The best pigments are used in the maximum working strength to impart the excellent colour quality.


Wash all utensils and brushes with Artists White Spirit or Turpentine. To clean up oil colour from skin, lightly rub Turpentine or thinners to the area and  finish by washing thoroughly with soap and water.

Health & Safety

Derivan Oil Colour have no hazardous pigments like Cadmiums and Cobalts, and no heavy metals or lead. When working with oils, it is best to do so in a well ventilated area with open windows or running fans. Never dispose of oil mediums or thinners down the drain. Ensure all liquids used, like thinners or mediums, are tightly covered when stored. It is advisable to keep thinners, mediums and oil colours out of the reach of children.


ASTM International (formerly The American Society for Testing and Materials), or ASTM for short, is the authority which has set standards for testing the lightfastness of pigments (in other words, the ability for a pigment to resist fading) in America. This standard has been adopted almost universally around the world to rate the lightfastness of pigments from a scale of I to V. Paints with an ASTM rating of I have an excellent lightfastness and the pigments will remain unchanged for more than 100 years. An ASTM rating of II means a very good lightfastness and pigments will remain unchanged for about 100 years. Pigments rated ASTM III or IV are said to be fugitive and are not deemed to have the necessary lightfastness for artists’s use. Derivan Artist pigments are all rated either ASTM I or II.