Derivan Blackboard Paint

Derivan Blackboard Paint is an easy to apply, water-based, quality blackboard paint that converts wood, metal or most other surfaces into a blackboard / chalkboard. It is also perfect for giving existing blackboards a new lease of life.

Derivan Blackboard paint contains no harmful solvents and is suitable for use all around the home. It can be especially useful for artistically-minded infants who find textas and furniture an attractive combination!


Derivan Blackboard Paint works on any surface that would normally be suitable for water-based acrylics. See the Surface Preparation page of the Techniques section for details.

For best results, clean the surface thoroughly, then apply 2-3 thin coats of Derivan Blackboard Paint, with either a brush or roller. Allow about 6 hours drying time between coats for optimal coverage and durability.

Clean Up

All utensils can be washed up easily in water.

Available Colours

Derivan Blackboard Paint is available in Deep Green and Jet Black colours.