derivan calligraphy set


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Unleash your inner Calligrapher or avid sketcher with the complete set of Derivan calligraphy nibs and holder.

Discover the fine art of lettering with this essential calligraphy set. The Derivan Calligraphy Set suitably allows for the broadest range of mark making, from traditional calligraphy to a pure drawing implement. Pair these with your favourite Derivan or Matisse acrylic inks for best results.


• Pen handle and five nibs

• The five nibs range from very fine to broad, No.5 being the thinnest to the No.1 being the thickest.

• Designed for pen and ink artists, letterers or calligraphers.

• Suitable for traditional gothic and Italic lettering styles, where the angle controls the thickness of the stroke.

• Great for fast, expressive drawings.

• Ideal for beginners, hobbyist and professionals.

• Perfect for using with both the Derivan or Matisse acrylic Inks colours range.