This block printing ink has the perfect consistency for lino and wood block printing, and transfers onto paper. It is non-toxic, water-based, and washes up easily in water.

Derivan developed this unique product for art and craft courses to give people a premium quality block printing ink that did not contain harmful solvents. Derivan Block Ink is therefore non-toxic and easy to clean up, while still giving the feel of a professional-grade oil-based printing ink.

Derivan Block Ink is available in open mouth 250ml jars.

The consistency of Derivan Block Ink will always give you sharp, accurate prints.


Derivan Block Ink has been formulated for lino and wood-block printing on paper with classroom teaching in mind. Derivan Block Ink will remain open on the block for some time but once printed will dry quickly to facilitate stacking of prints after each class. If a longer open time is required, mix the ink with Derivan Drying Retarder to slow the drying time.

Colour Mixing

All the colours may be intermixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours. It is advisable to mix the colours with a spatula on a sheet of glass or other non-porous surface.


All Derivan Block Inks have an ASTM rating of either 1-2, indicating excellent permanency. They are artist quality and completely lightfast so they will neither fade nor break down over time.

For reference, the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a world-wide rating standard used to determine lightfast characteristics. The scale ranges from 1 (maximum lightfastness) to 5 (minimal lightfastness). This is important to determine if the paint will remain permanent over time.

Clean Up

Wash all utensils, brayers, blocks, and hands with soap and water to clean up.

Removal of paints stains

Wet Stains: Place stained area of garment under a tap of cold running water, holding balance of garment above the stain so that the colour does not spread. After removing surplus ink, place wet garment on a towel and rub ordinary household soap into the stain, working the heavily soaped wet cloth area between your fingers in a rolling action, using the thumb and forefinger of each hand on either side of the stain. Do not rub the stain directly.

Wash the area under cold water and repeat procedure 2 or 3 times till all colouring is removed. Dry out wet garment by wrapping in a towel and twisting to remove excess moisture.

Dried Stains: Prepare a bucket or sink with lukewarm water, using plenty of household or laundry soap. Immerse the garment and let it soak for 15 minutes to wet out properly.

With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, slowly work the stain in a rolling action thereby releasing the paint and colour into the soapy water. Change the water as necessary and repeat washing action. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. Some stubborn stains may need to be soaked overnight. Do not boil, dry-clean or use chemical solvents or thinners. Do not iron over a stain. Do not machine wash. Keep stained garments separate from other washing.

…. Whenever possible, use cheap disposable plastic aprons or old clothing. If clothes do get paint on them, try to get the paint out, as described above, while it is still wet. It is much easier to remove wet ink than paint that has dried. .. Dans la mesure du possible, utilisez des tabliers en plastique jetables bon marché ou des vêtements usagés. Si des vêtements sont recouverts de peinture, essayez d'enlever la peinture, comme décrit ci-dessus, pendant qu'elle est encore humide. Il est beaucoup plus facile d'enlever l'encre humide que la peinture qui a séché...これはテキストの例です。….

…. Storage .. conservation ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Store Derivan Block Ink in a cool dark place with the lid firmly fastened. Kept correctly, the ink should last for several years. If the ink begins to dry out, mix in a small amount of distilled water to rejuvenate it. .. Conservez l'encre pour blocs Derivan dans un endroit frais et sombre avec le couvercle fermement fixé. Bien conservée, l'encre devrait durer plusieurs années. Si l'encre commence à sécher, ajoutez une petite quantité d'eau distillée pour la rajeunir. ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Lino Printing Starter Kit .. Kit de démarrage pour l'impression Lino ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Enter the exciting world of block printing with this great value lino printing kit. This kit gives you everything you need to get started. Carve into the lino from your own drawing or tracing and make your own individual printing block - so simple that anyone can do it. .. Entrez dans le monde passionnant de la sérigraphie avec ce kit d'impression lino de grande valeur. Cette trousse vous donne tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer. Sculptez dans le lino à partir de votre propre dessin ou tracé et fabriquez votre propre bloc d'impression individuel - si simple que n'importe qui peut le faire. ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Make multiple images from your own unique design using the paper of your choice. Print your own personally designed Christmas cards, or greeting cards for any time of year. Lino printing is a fun activity that all the family can join in (though younger children should not handle the cutting tools, and an adult should be present at all times).  Printmaking gets you thinking creatively - you’ll be proud of the art works you produce with this kit! .. Créez plusieurs images à partir de votre propre dessin unique en utilisant le papier de votre choix. Imprimez vos propres cartes de Noël ou cartes de vœux pour n'importe quelle période de l'année. L'imprimerie Lino est une activité amusante à laquelle toute la famille peut participer (bien que les jeunes enfants ne doivent pas manipuler les outils de coupe et qu'un adulte doit être présent en tout temps).  La gravure vous permet de penser de façon créative - vous serez fier des œuvres d'art que vous produisez avec ce kit ! ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Starter Kit Contains .. le Kit de démarrage Contient ..これはテキストの例です。….


…. Block Ink - One Black ink colour in a 50ml jar. .. Encre block - Une couleur d'encre noire dans un pot de 50 ml. ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Rubber Roller - One 4" (10cm) hard rubber roller. .. Rouleau en caoutchouc - Un rouleau en caoutchouc dur de 4" (10cm). ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Carving Tool Set - Six piece carving tool set. .. Jeu d'outils à sculpter - Jeu d'outils à sculpter en six pièces. ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Lino Mat - One 15x11cm double sided vinyl lino tile. .. Lino Mat - Un carreau de vinyle lino double face 15x11cm. ..これはテキストの例です。….

…. Palette Knife - Plastic mixing palette knife. .. Couteau à palette - Couteau à palette mélangeuse en plastique ..これはテキストの例です。….