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Five Easy Face Paint Ideas

Creative Face Painting with Derivan Face paint

5 Easy Face Paint Ideas 2021

When is Halloween in Australia?  Halloween is held every year on October 31st 2021 This is the day before All Saints' Day,  this year you'll find lots of people in costumes dressed up to go trick-or-treating for sweets. Are you Halloween ready? If you are thinking of face paint ideas  We have you covered, here are five popular and easy face paint designs to get you started. We have even provided links to some short and easy to follow videos that will have you face painting like a pro.


We'll show you how to paint a batman design with Derivan face paint! This is a simple, straightforward design that's perfect for Halloween, Book Week or any party. It's also easy to do so it's the perfect last-minute Halloween design.


Batman Design

You will need

Derivan Face and Body 40ml Black & White

Derivan Face and Body brush set

1. Using the round brush paint the outline of Batman's mask with the Derivan Face and Body Black *hot tip keep it simple

2. Once you're happy with the shape with that, you can fill in that line work with the bigger brush.

3. To make this design a bit more interesting, add a few action lines to create movement around the mask using the black Derivan Face and Body Paint.

4. Fill the mask with interestingly placed white stripes to give the design that Batman is ready for action vibe. You only need to do a few lines.

Click here to see the full instructional video


This butterfly design is an easy way to do a half-face design have a look at this step by step tutorial which will have you doing an easy how-to apply a butterfly design with Derivan face paint. This is an effortless design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!.


Butterfly Design

You will need

Derivan Face and Body 40ml Fluro Pink, Orange, Black and Fluro Blue

Derivan Face and Body Crystalina 36ml

Derivan Face and Body brush set

Derivan Spouncers

1. First up you're going to apply the blue with the spouncer, and then you're going to add the pink blending it into the blue.

2. fill in the rest of the eye using the orange and now use the fluro blue to paint the body of the butterfly on the nose.

3. lt is time to do the outline with the black- Using one of the round brushes from the set follow the shape that you've created already with the blue, the pink and the orange - no need to be too exact.

4. Time to put a bit more detail in to create a bit more movement - again we're trying to get the idea of a fluttering butterfly wing and some legs for the butterfly. Your last job to do is to add some glitter on with the crystallina to create a beautiful butterfly.

Click here to see the full instructional video


Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply a Tiger design with Derivan face paint. This is an effortless design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!.


Tiger Design

You will need

Derivan Face and Body 40ml White, Yellow, Orange and Black

Derivan Spouncers pack

Derivan Brush set

1. To start this design, you'll need to lay down the white dabbing gently with a Derivan Spouncer

2. Once you've finished applying the white, it's time to add the yellow and then the orange notice in the image how you start in the middle of the face with the yellow, and as you radiate out, you blend in the orange.

3. Once you are happy with the colours that you've laid down, it's time to add the tiger stripes use the flat brush here try changing the angle of the brush as you lay it down, this gives the line movement which makes it more tiger stipe like

4. Continuing with the black around the eye this tiger now needs some lines on the cheek, and a tiger-nose -use the image as a guide to show you where to put a couple of dots this will give the impression of having tiger whiskers

Click here to see the full instructional video


Check out this Day Of The Dead Fiesta design, perfect for Halloween


Fiesta design


Derivan Face & Body Paint 40ml white, red, black and green

• Derivan Professional Brush Set #1

• Sponge.

• Mixing palette or plastic plate.

1. Load your sponge with white on one side of the sponge from your palette and apply all around the face keeping the areas around the eyes and lips clear.

2. Add some black to a brush and gently paint around the eyes. Take care not to paint too close to the eyes. Add two thin lines the sides of the nose & paint over the underside of the nose.

3. Load your sponge with white again on one side then lightly apply some black paint with a brush to one end of the sponge. Work into the sponge until it becomes evenly grey then apply to the cheekbones with the darkest edge sitting on top. Slowly drag down the side of the face. Dab a little also onto the chin.

4. Load the liner brush (from the brush set) with Red or green and paint short lines around the ridges of the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead as well as applying red to the lips.


Click here to see the full instructional video




Unicorn Design

You will need

Derivan Face and Body 40m white, Fluro Blue, blue, and red

Derivan Spouncers

Derivan Face paint Brush Set

1. Lay down the shape of the design in white -don't forget the unicorn horn shape in the middle of the forehead.

2. using a small round brush start to lay down the outline of unicorn horn in fluro blue

3. Using the darker blue continue working on the unicorn horn and ears

4. Mix a pink with the red and the white this is for the inside of the ears and use the fluro blue to create some sweeping decorative lines on the cheek

Click here to see the full instructional video


Don’t feel you have to cover the entire face with a design. A design on the cheek or forehead creates an exciting contrast to an otherwise bare face. Keep a small and restless subject occupied by painting their face in front of a mirror, so they get to see the process as it happens. Ask the subject what they would like to see. If you get a shrugs a list of basic suggestions will help, although you can also ask which colours they would prefer.


When you are transforming your child into a Batman, a tiger, a zombie or a unicorn, you want to use a product that is easy to apply, has the right colour and coverage. However, you should also be concerned with the things that you can’t see. What exactly is in the product? Is it safe to use on sensitive young skin? What about the lead content? It may look good, but is it safe? In July 2013 a new standard for face paint safety, called the EN71-3, was introduced via the Toys Safety Directive. This test ensures that the level of toxic materials, such as lead and arsenic, are limited to safe levels in a range of products sold for children, including face paints. We At Derivan are proud to say that all of our face painting products have passed new conditions set by the EN71-3. When you use Derivan Face and Body Paints, you can be assured that not only are you using a quality Australian made product, but also one that is manufactured to the highest most current safety standards. Derivan Face and Body Paint. Good safe fun for the whole family.