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Valentines card Project


You will need

• Heart Template print out DOWNLOAD HERE

• A4 smooth heavyweight paper 

• The Derivan Block Printing Kit 

• Some extra silk cut lino blocks or Vinyl blocks approx. 15x11cm in size. 

• X1 250ml Red Derivan Block ink 

• X1 250ml White Derivan Block ink 

• A smooth plate or Perspex to put ink onto 

• X1 black & white soft pastel 

• X1 4B Pencil 

• X1 brayer 




 Flip your printed out Heart Template over to show the

blank side then cover with either Black or White soft pastel.

(If you are going to transfer this image onto a dark coloured

carving block use the white pastel. A Black pastel is good for

white to grey coloured carving blocks) 



Place the carving block facing upwards then place the transfer sheet with the pastel side facing down onto the block. With the 4B pencil trace the image. It’s recommended to hold firmly the paper with one hand to stop the image from moving while you trace. 



With your carving tool (provided in the Block printing kit) carve into the vinyl block following the line of the transfer imprint.

Be sure to always carve AWAY from your body and hands to prevent an accident.

If you don’t feel fully confident in carving practice on the back of the vinyl block before you start on the printing side. Once your finished carving clean your block with a damp sponge. 



With the plastic palette knife spread approx. a tablespoon each of the Derivan Red and white Block printing ink onto a plate. With the rubber Roller roll some ink backwards onto the plate. Do this till the whole of the roller is covered with ink and looks like it has an even coverage. 

Apply the inked roller to the vinyl block, rolling back and forth allowing the ink to transfer from the roller to block evenly. 



Place a folded piece of heavyweight paper over the inked block and with your hand or a brayer* rub on the top of the paper.

Make sure you take the time to rub the entire piece of paper to get the maximum amount of ink off the block onto the paper. Slowly peal off the paper from the block. 



Repeat all five steps using other types of Blocks. Eg: Silk-cut Lino blocks, Vinyl blocks and rubber stamp blocks.

Try adding different shades of red by mixing more or less amounts of white to the mixture. Add these blocks on top of prints to give more a dynamic look to your card. 

You are going to get a big kiss for your efforts!!