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Derivan Matisse on You Tube.


Welcome to our Derivan Matisse Channel video library.

We have been producing informative, and sometimes entertaining, videos for over 30 years now. We believe that the right information is key in the process of art making and we are always searching for new ways to share our knowledge with you.

Our Derivan Matisse You Tube Channel holds over xxxxxx videos. Listed below are links to each one of them classified in subject areas.
Click on the one you are interested and enjoy.

This compilation of our video library is currently a work in progress. More links to our videos will be added gradualy.

If you have any questions or requests about our video library, or any other questions regarding our products and their use, please send us an email to



Matisse Structure Formula
pdf Secondary Colour Mixing pdf Matisse Acrylics: What's On The Label
pdf Product Profile: Yin Min Blue pdf Demo: Matisse Structure & Background Paints
Matisse Flow Formula
pdf How far does 75ml of paint really go?  
Matisse Fluid Formula
pdf Product Profile: Introducing Matisse Fluid pdf Product Profile: Matisse Fluid Concentrate-Ultra Blue
pdf Mixed Media with Matisse Fluid & Matisse Ink pdf Painting with Matisse Fluid
pdf Drawing With Matisse Fluid pdf Matisse Fluid, Matisse Ink & Spreader Medium
pdf Matisse Fluid, Matisse Ink & Spreader Medium pdf Fluid Abstract
Matisse Mediums
pdf MM4 Gel Medium & Matisse Ink pdf MM14 Gloss Varnish: Varnishing
pdf MM24 Iridescent Medium: Cockatoo Island pdf MM8 Spreader Medium: Glazing Techniques
pdf Product Profile: MM26 Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer) pdf Product Profile: MM25 Black Gesso
pdf Matisse Mediums: Making Acrylic Sheets pdf Product Profile: MM8 Spreader Medium
pdf Product Profile: MM1 Retarder pdf Product Profile: MM2 Impasto Medium
pdf MM31 Open Medium & Substractive Techniques pdf MM16 Marbling Gel: White & Grey Marble
pdf MM16 Marbling Gel: Black & Green Marble pdf Product Profile: MM37 Self Leveling Medium
pdf Painting with MM37 Self Leveling Medium, Landscape pdf MM24 Iridescent Medium: Metallic Abstract
pdf MM20 Water Based Patina: Creating Faux Finishes pdf Painting with MM37 Self Leveling Medium, Still Life
pdf Product Profile: Matisse Polymer Varnishes pdf Product Profile: MM35 Brush Restorer
pdf Product Profile: MM34 Brush & Hand Cleaner pdf MM31 Open Medium: Plein Air Painting
pdf Art Technique: Varnishes Part 1 pdf Art Technique: Varnishes Part 2
pdf Art Technique: Photo Transfers pdf Art Technique: Airbrushing
pdf Art Technique: Creating Texture pdf Art Technique: Cracking
pdf Art Technique: Wood Graining