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Established in 1964, Derivan is an Australian company and maker of the finest quality artist materials, including the famous Matisse range of professional artist acrylic paints and paint products.



Welcome to our site, where you can find information on our products, tips on techniques, projects to do, and so much more.

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Background Capitol Blue was used over 10 years ago in the restoration of the interior of the Capitol Theatre Sydney, and has been used ever since for touch-up work?



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Added Feb 2016

NEW Matisse Fluid Range

fluids group

Matisse Fluid is our most liquid-like paint, yet despite its texture, it is highly pigmented. Matisse Fluid Acrylics, have a very smooth, runny but slightly dense viscosity. Being highly pigmented, the colours will....

[read more]

Added Aug 2015

NEW Zombie Face Paint Set

Face Paint Zombie

Discover your outer zombie with the NEW Derivan Zombie Face & Body Paint Set. Have fun creating pale flesh, sunken eyes, realistic bruises and cuts on your face and body....

[read more]

Added May 2015

NEW Derivan Concertina Book

concertina book

The New Derivan Concertina Style Sketchbook is a unique version of the traditional Illustrated Japanese Scroll used in the 16th century, this concertina style sketchbook is finished with heavy black...

[read more]

Added March 2015

NEW MM37 Self Leveling Medium


New Matisse Self Leveling Medium is a clear product that when applied to a surface or as a paint additive will automatically spread and create a smooth, glossy finish with minimal surface texture. It is ideal for...

[read more]

Added Feb 2015

Derivan CanvasJack

canvas jack

Tension for a canvas stretcher is crucial to its future life. The Canvas Jack System included in these artist quality pre-stretched canvases is designed to easily, quickly and evenly adjust and control...

[read more]

Added Aug 2014

Face Paint Markers & Wipes

Face Paint Markers

IHave you ever wondered what you would look like with a set of cats’ whiskers? Or what about a butterfly on your cheek or a superhero spider web all over your face? With the new Derivan Face and Body Markers you can make... [read more]

Added July 2014

MM36 High Tooth Gesso

High Tooth Gessso

NEW released product to cater for the traditional technique of Encaustic Painting. MM36 High Tooth Gesso (Encaustic) is a permanent, flexible water-based ground, with a high tooth finish, for canvas, board, wood panels or paper. It dries to ... [read more]

Added July 2014

Derivan Refillables

fake blood

Derivan Refillables are the ideal and practical solution for the artist or craft person who would like to organise, transport and store their unique colours to saved for... [read more]

Added July 2014

Derivan Fake Blood

fake blood

Get all "wound" up with our new addition to Derivan Face & Body Paint products. Derivan Fake Blood is a realistic imitation blood product suitable for theatrical professional applications and home use. It has the same ... [read more]

Added June 2014

Derivan Acrylic Range

Derivan Acrylic

Derivan Acrylic is a professional range of acrylic colours designed to be water-resistant and lightfast. Derivan Acrylic range is equivalent in colour strength and permanency to most professional grades of paint but is much more affordable.. [read more]

Added Apr 2014

Derivan Watercolours Range

Derivan watercolours

Available now at your local stockist. Manufactured using traditional methods and raw materials and carefully stone milled to enhance and retain the luminous nature of each pigment selected, Derivan Watercolours are now available in 24... [read more]

Added Apr 2014

Block Ink New Colours

Derivan Anticrib paint

While the Derivan Block Ink range is already available in 10 brilliant colours, we’ve added three new hues including the addition of a cool red -Crimson- and a cool yellow -Lemon Yellow. In the process we fine-tuned another colour in the range by... [read more]

Added Jan 2014

Derivan AntiCrib Paint

Derivan Anticrib paint

Derivan AntiCrib anti-cribbing paint is horse, human and environmentally friendly! A premium solution that protects horse enclosures by discouraging the development of crib chewing behaviour in your horses... [read more]

Added October 2013

Derivan FabricArt Dimensional

FabricArt Dimensional Paint

If you are looking to add a new dimension to your fabric art, then Derivan Fabric Art Dimensional is the product for you. While many fabric paints are designed to form an even film on... [read more]

Added August 2013

MM32 Light Modelling Paste

MM32 Light Modelling Paste

Just released, our NEW Matisse MM32 Light Modelling Paste is a modelling compound that has the same qualities as our regular MM2 Impasto Medium, but with a lighter body and finish. Like traditional impasto... [read more]

Added July 2013

Derivan FabricArt Paint

FabricArt Paint colours

Derivan Fabric Art is the newest way to make your mark. These three products have been designed for you to customise and create unique designs on any natural fabric. Available in 13 colours, this non-toxic water based... [read more]

Added May 2013

Gessoes in 250ml jars

Gessoes Jars 250ml

Derivan and Matisse Gesso have always been one of our most popular products, and now we’re proud to announce that our gesso in both our students and professional ranges are now available in 250ml screw cap... [read more]

Added May 2013

Derivan FabricArt Markers

Fabric Art Markers

The new Derivan FabricArt range of twin tipped fabric markers are an easy and safe way to decorate fabric. With a range of standard and fluorescent colours that will enhance any creative project.
These versatile twin tipped markers... [read more]

Added April 2013

Matisse Structure in 150ml size

Matisse Structure 150ml

The complete range of Matisse Structure Formula artists colours is now available in 150ml metal tubes, fitted with the Matisse flip-top cap and individually packed in cardboard boxes. The intense and vibrant 95 colours covers the full colour spectrum including several unique Australian colours.

Added January 2013

NEW Derivan Sketchbooks

Derivan Sketchbooks Group

Now Available!. Classic Unlined or Tissue Interleaved. The NEW Derivan range of Artists Sketchbooks have a unique hard-bound black soft rubber cover. With a certain industrial design charm, the cover remains water resistant and is easier to hold. Bound with acid free sketch paper and... [more...]

Added August-2012

Matisse iPhone App

matisse app icon

Now available for download, the Matisse product matching app allows you to use either an image, or the iPhone camera, to select an area of colour and find the closest matching acrylic paint from the Matisse Artist Acrylic paint range. It is designed... [more...]

Added August-2012

Tone, Value, Hue Info Web Page

Colour spectrum Wheel

When it comes to colour theory and mixing, it is always helpful to have support you can refer to quickly and clearly. Our new information web page was constructed with just that in mind. Although colour is the basic component of art, it is a more complex... [more...]

Added July-2012

Chalkboard Paint Colours

Derivan Chalkboard Paint Colours

Derivan Blackboard paint has transformed with updated name and more colours. Added to the original Derivan Blackboard Black and Green range, we have now six brilliant colour options to add a fun finish to the traditional and... [more...]

Added June-2012

Artists Signature Collection Sets

Signature Collection Sets

Colours hand selected by two outstanding australian visual artists, these two new Signature sets expand and join the many creative possibilities offered by the Matisse Structure sets range. Beautifully presented with a glimpse of some of their accomplished pieces of art work on the cover... [more...]

Added May-2012

New Edition Matisse Tech Guide

Matisse Tech Guide

Updated, revised and more useful than ever.
The Matisse Technical Guide and Visual Diary has been revised, updated and extended with more detailed information on the whole range of Matisse products with more detailed,,, [more...]

Added May-2012

MM34 and MM35

MM34 and MM35 group

Environmentaly and people firendly. Two more additions join our MM family of Artist Mediums range. You can now safely and effectively clean brushes and hands without harmful chemicals. Restore and deep clean brushes by removing dried up acrylic or oil paint. [more...]

Added Jan-2012

New Flip-Top Cap!

Flip-Top Cap on Matisse tube

As part of Derivan on-going consumer research and product development, of which our packaging plays an increasingimportant factor, the new flip- top cap is... [more...]

Added 06-10-11

MM33 UV Conservation Varnish

Matisse MM33 UV Varnish

Derivan has just extended their varnish range by developing its just released UV Conservation Varnish, a non-yellowing acrylic resin varnish containing UV inhibitors. Matisse UV Varnish goes further as it is able to protect against fading works from UV light... [more...]

Added 26-08-11

Reduce and Recycle with Eco-Pak

New 2 Litre Eco-Pak

Derivan is introducing a new standard of packaging for our most popular childrens and students range of products after sponsoring research into the recycling habits of... [read more]

Added 08-04-11

Fun Face & Body Paint Sticks

Face and Body paint sticks

Joining our fun Face Paint range are these three new Face Paint Sticks Sets. With a convenient push-up mechanism, these coloured sticks are very easy to apply and its unique formulation makes them even easier to remove. Just use a paper towel, soap and water.

Added 17-09-10

Block Ink Extender

New Block Ink Extender

Just added to our extensive range of mediums is the new Block Ink Medium & Extender. A versatile additive for our Block Ink range or if added to Matisse Structure Acrylics it will allow you to create relief prints giving you a larger palette of colours to work with... [more info...]